Happy birthday to these special moments||If you want to maintain friendship

(1) good celebrate shayari

Happy birthday to these special moments, new dreams in your eyes
 Congratulations, what life has brought for you today, it is full of happiness.

(2) good celebrate shayari

Let me write your age with moon and stars, let me celebrate your birthday with flowers and spring… I will bring every beauty from the world, I will decorate this party with beautiful views….

(3) good celebrate shayari

Meri dosti meri mohabbat, Meri ruh ho tum Tum ardhangini ho meri, Meri duniya ho tum Mere har sukh-dukh ki bhagidaar ho tum Mai khushkismat hu ki mujhe tumhari jaisi patni mili hai.

(4) good celebrate shayari

We ask for a prayer, we wish from our God that your happiness is full of honesty, now your smile is full and you smile from the heart, Happy Birthday

(5) good celebrate shayari

May life be full of desires, May every moment be full of desires, Even the arms seem small, May tomorrow give you so much happiness!

(6) good celebrate shayari

It was on this day that a moon came down, the one above made my love with a lot of leisure.

(7) good celebrate shayari

If you want to maintain friendship, then maintain it in such a way that even God comes and makes you his friend.

(8) good celebrate shayari

O man, I accept your company in every form, be it memories or fragrance, be it faith or pride.

(9) good celebrate shayari

The one who is devoted to the country, every youth will be immortal, As long as this world is here, the story will be told about it.

(10) good celebrate shayari

Love does not limit itself to relationships, it is a celebration of life.  ,

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