Let's remember that scene again today||

(1) desh bhakti shayari

I am writing the result, which will start tomorrow, every drop of my blood will bring revolution.

(2) desh bhakti shayari

Let's remember that scene again today, remember the flame that was in the heart of the martyrs, in which freedom had reached the shore, remember the land of the blood of the patriots.

(3) desh bhakti shayari

Hate is bad, don't nurture it, it is empty in your heart, take it out, neither mine, nor yours, nor its, nor his, it is everyone's country, take care of it

(4) desh bhakti shayari

Not a cloth of three colors, this flag is the pride of the country, the self-respect of every Indian's heart, this is the Ganges, this is the Himalayas, this is the life of the Indian, and this is our Hindustan, painted in three colors.

(5) desh bhakti shayari

I always respect my country,

 I praise the soil here,

 I am not afraid of my death, Tricolor should be my shroud, this is what I desire

(6) desh bhakti shayari

Many lovers are found throughout the world, but no one is more beautiful than the country, many have died wrapped in gold wrapped in notes, but there is no shroud more beautiful than the tricolor.  Jai Hind Jai Bharat .

(7) desh bhakti shayari

You talk about milk and kheer, we will not give you anything....!  If you even look towards Kashmir, then we will take away Lahore too...!

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